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Cyclopure Commercialization

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The team aims to take their technology into several markets. There is the consumer point-of-use market (think of home systems that use carbon to purify water). The company plans to sell branded products through its e-commerce website.

In parallel with commercialization of the first generation of water treatment products, the company continues to invest heavily in research and development to improve the performance and value of its cyclodextrin adsorbents. Cyclopure’s scientists have modified their cyclodextrin adsorbents to target specific contaminants. After targeting pharmaceuticals and pesticides with its technology, the company’s chemists designed a second adsorbent named, DEXSORB+ and will be used for municipal applications. Today, its pilot scale production at the lab is producing 60 kilograms per month, enabling them to push out its commercial products, analytical and home activities. The company is launching its second home water test kit for pharmaceuticals and pesticides.

“If we can get people to trust in their tap again, with a cost effective solution, it’s a home run for everybody,” Frank Cassou, chief executive officer of Cyclopure said. “We are all trying to preserve water, be efficient in times where there’s growing populations. We want to bring a solution to the household that is healthy, affordable, and sustainable.”

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