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Purefast™ Home Filter for PFAS!

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Cyclopure Inc. announced the commercial launch of its Purefast™ filters for PFAS removal from tap water. The home filter is compatible for use with Brita countertop pitchers, and has been certified by NSF International for PFAS removal. Filters will be priced at $45 with a capacity of 65 gallons, and replace 700 single use water bottles. The company has validated the removal of 11 PFAS compounds, including PFOS, PFOA, PFNA and GenX, to non-detect throughout the duration of the 65-gallon filter cycle.

“We are thrilled to bring Purefast to market, a first-ever product for use with countertop pitchers to remove PFAS,” said Cyclopure CEO Frank Cassou. “Purefast provides households with the ability to protect themselves from PFAS in a convenient and affordable manner.”

Filters are available now for pre-order on the company’s website, with first product shipments to begin on April 18, 2022. Products are made and fulfilled out of Cyclopure’s Skokie facility in the Illinois Science & Technology Park.

“Purefast is also going to be a valuable tool for communities impacted by PFAS,” said Cassou. “Town health boards will now have a quick and affordable solution to offer residents in the case of a PFAS contamination event.”

“Sustainability is a top priority for our water treatment applications,” added Cassou. “We use our DEXSORB® adsorbent made from renewable cyclodextrins for PFAS removal. Each Purefast filter comes with prepaid packaging to return used cartridges to our lab for safe disposal. On a scale of 0-10, Purefast is a Zero! Zero PFAS in your water, and Zero PFAS waste to the environment.”

Cyclopure’s development activities have benefited from years of funding and support from the National Science Foundation (NSF Grant 1831206) and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (SRP Grant R44ES029401). NIEHS recently reported on the development of Purefast™ in the April 2022 edition of its online Environmental Factor newsletter.

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