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8045 Lamon Ave. Suite 330, Skokie, Il 60077 Phone: 805-705-2444

Stoicheia uses a unique combination of proprietary AI and high-throughput screening technology to advance the discovery of new materials that can impact the trillion dollar automotive, chemical, oil, and clean energy industries.

Through its proprietary NanocombinatoricsTM and MegalibraryTM platforms, Stoicheia not only has access to the world’s largest combinatorial material libraries but also unprecedentedly large data sets that are being used to train their AI and ML algorithms.

These capabilities allow for the rapid, systematic, and thorough interrogation of the materials genome, enabling the discovery of new materials with properties that can drive the developing renewable and net-zero economy.  New fuel cell and carbon nanotube catalysts have already been discovered using this approach, and novel catalysts for hydrogen and oxygen evolution, which are integral for green hydrogen production and fuel cell development, are some of the next targets. Carbon dioxide reduction catalysts that can convert CO2 that is currently being sequestered as a waste product to a valuable feed stock are also materials that are being designed and evaluated with Stoicheia’s technology, placing Stoicheia at the forefront of digital materials discovery.


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