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8045 Lamon Ave Suite 400, Skokie, Il 60077 Phone: 847 324 2400

LanzaTech is turning our global carbon crisis into a feedstock opportunity with the potential to displace 30% of crude oil use today and reduce global CO2 emissions by 7%. LanzaTech’s carbon recycling technology is like retrofitting a brewery onto an emission source like a steel mill, but instead of using sugars and yeast to make beer, pollution is converted by bacteria to fuels and chemicals!

Imagine a day when your plane is powered by recycled GHG emissions, when your yoga pants started life as pollution from a steel mill. This future is possible using LanzaTech technology.

LanzaTech’s first commercial facility is operating in China with Shougang Steel and four further commercial facilities are in the pipeline in India, South Africa, California and Belgium using a range of feedstocks. LanzaTech’s first commercial flight using a blend of drop in jet fuel produced from steel mill emissions took place in October 2018 with partner Virgin Atlantic.

LanzaTech’s Pollution To Products™ Services and IP Licensing enables customers to implement the circular economy in their supply chain and product offering.

  • Check out this video about LanzaTech.

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