ISTP, 8025 Lamon Ave. Skokie, Il 60077 Contact: Andrew Mirkin

8045 Lamon Ave. Suite 330, Skokie, Il 60077 Phone: 805-705-2444

Transformative materials for a sustainable future. 

Mattiq delivers innovative electrochemical solutions to decarbonize the fundamental building blocks that power our world.


Mattiq combines industry expertise in chemistry and materials science with leaders across sustainability, deep technology and enterprise software industries to deliver efficient, cost-effective and commercially viable solutions that can more rapidly decarbonize our global economy.

Mattiq’s technology has changed the future of materials innovation by digitizing the way materials are produced and brought to the world. By modeling real world systems into which new materials are integrated, discovery and deployment of complete solutions are attainable at a previously unimagined scale and pace


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